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Voter Registration Drive

Filling up of relevant voter registration forms

Most workers did not know how to read or write, so we had to fill the survey as well as voter registration forms for them. The registration drive continued till late evening on November 5th , 2016. A postal registered letter had to be arranged for many to establish proof of residence.

After analyzing the survey forms the domestic migrant workers were categorized into 3 categories;

S.No Particulars No of Persons
1. Migrant workers not registered at their native place & wanting to register at their place of work as a new voter 22
2. Migrant workers already registered at native place & wanting to change their registration to the place of work 26
3. Migrant workers already registered at native place, but are unwilling to change their registration & persons who are below 18 yrs of age 6
Total number of persons participated in survey 54

Accordingly the group was sub-divided into two categories and we helped them fill up the relevant voter registration forms as most of them were not able to read and write.

After filling up the forms, we summarized data as under;

S.No Particulars No of persons
1. Address Proof available 18
2. Address Proof not available 30
Total number of forms filled up 48

Next Steps

  • For those whose forms were filled, the next step was to meet the concerned Election Commission officer and submit the relevant forms. Here we realized that a few of the workers are hesitant to meet the concerned EC officer as they are not very confident of going there themselves. Hence we decided to accompany them.
  • For those whose address proof was not available, we requested them to arrange a registered postal letter delivered at their place of residence, which will serve as an address proof.