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Mission Statement

To help the democratic process flourish, by giving power to domestic migrant workers, in order to help them become a strong political voice.

110 Voter Id cards till date

Who do we help?

Any person who leaves his or her native place and works in another city or place, within the boundaries of the country is a Domestic Migrant Worker. As per estimate around 30% of Indians are domestic migrants, moving mostly from rural to urban India.

A substantial portion of migrant workers are not registered as voters at their place of work.

Hence, they are unable to raise their political concerns. This prevents them from engaging with many important political institutions. It is sad that in some cases even after being in a city for more than 20-30 yrs, migrant workers remain on the margins of the society struggling for an identity and basic citizenship rights at their place of work.

Our Approach

A large percentage of them are ignorant about the laws, procedure, formalities, list of documents required in order to register themselves. Therefore we have initiated a project “myvotemyvoice – mera vote meri awaaz”, to create awareness amongst domestic migrant workers in and around the national capital region of Delhi.

Outreach effort included

  • General awareness about the benefits & responsibility of being part of the political process.
  • Specific education for voting registration procedures and formalities.
  • Support & guidance in helping them to register at their place of work.

Our Events

SPECIAL VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE at National Association for the Blind (NAB) for the visually impaired students, who recently turned 18…

AWARENESS PROGRAM & VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE at a factory for the migrant workers & their families…

ELECTION EXPERIENCE at Badli constituency, where few migrant workers exercised their right to vote in Delhi Municipal election…

VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE at a rehabilitation centre, for workers, their families & domestic staff from the neighbourhood

AWARENESS PROGRAM at a factory in Kundli. Detailed presentation in hindi…

In the News

article covering the journey of MVMV and 2 migrant workers, Ribesh Kami & Sunder.

NavBharat Times article on MVMV facilitating voter registration. Coverage of special drive at NAB


Pioneer article highlighting the plight of migrant workers and how MVMV helps them obtain voter ID card.