My Vote My Voice | A Chaotic, yet beautiful voter registration drive!
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A Chaotic, yet beautiful voter registration drive!

After the recent MCD elections, our motive became stronger. At these elections, we successfully accompanied 5 newly registered voters of My Vote My Voice through the process of voting and our aim to persuade and guide more and more people has become even more necessary. The joy of seeing these people get their right gave Siya and me such motivation, we weren’t going to stop.

So, on May 6th we held our second Voter’s Registration drive. The location for this was actually something I stumbled upon. Aktivortho  is a rehabilitation and fitness center in Vasant Vihar where I go for my workouts. They say that a single drop of water can create a ripple in the sea and a tiny conversation with a fellow member at the gym about MVMV escalated into something much more meaningful.

At Aktivortho – we had passed on the word to the workers at the gym, the drivers, and anyone who would have been interested in knowing more about the procedure. We thought the turnout will be just a small number considering the fact that there were just a limited number of workers there, it actually turned out to be something much more than what we expected.

We had over 80 people who came to hear more about their rights, out of which 66 of them filled the forms to register. The immediate workers had passed on the message to more members in the family and their community and almost each worker had brought along their family and friends.

After the presentation, we got hands on filling the forms and collecting the required documentation to move ahead. It was initially chaotic as the numbers were way more than our expectation and the size of the hall, but then the senior physiotherapist and the center managers also got involved and started helping and organising. Even a client saw the crowd and started helping which was so beautiful to see. There were a few people from the nearby Church who had joined too. They expressed their gratitude in form of a prayer and that really touched our hearts tenderly. They suggested that we should conduct the next drive at the Church itself since they get a large number of visitors who do not have their Voter’s ID card.

The biggest realisation that struck me at the end of the very busy day, was that our focus was always based on a broader perspective and in the midst of all this we forgot to acknowledge the fact that we were impacting individual lives.

One family we met had been applying for their voters ID card for few years since they moved to Delhi eighteen years back. But every single time they were shunned away because of minor details missing in the documentation. They had given up hope, and after meeting us they felt that what they had vied for all these years may actually come true. They felt that they were finally in safe hands. I hope we are able to procure them their ID.

Siya & I were deeply honoured that we could reach out to people who were in need of this guidance, we feel elevated and will continuously strive to conduct more and more such drives. As for now, a lot of paper work to analyse, organise and work on. After that, we will fix a date for the next one – perhaps in the church who approached us.