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In the News

article covering the journey of My Vote My Voice & 2 migrant workers, Ribesh Kami & Sunder Yadav, who stayed in Delhi for 12 & 8 yrs respectively but didn’t have a voter ID until they attended awareness program & voter registration drive of MVMV.

Hindi daily NavBharat Times article on the contribution of MVMV in facilitating voter registration. Coverage of special drive at NAB and its importance to the visually impaired students.

covering the journey of MVMV from inception of idea to issuance of voter ID card. The article highlights the story and plight of migrant workers and how MVMV through awareness programs and voter registration drives helps these workers and their families obtain voter ID cards.

An article covering the journey of Noor and Siya with My Vote My Voice.

An article on the journey of how school initiative led to a movement, to empower domestic migrant worker.

Article carrying a write up on My Vote My Voice and story of how two school girls campaigned to get migrant workers enrolled as voters.