My Vote My Voice | Process & Work Flow
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Process & Work Flow

The process to register new voters can be categorized into Pre-registration process and Post Registration process.


It includes the following;
Identifying target audience – factory workers, construction workers, rickshaw pullers, domestic staff etc

Approaching target audience – Workers are approached at their underserved inner-city communities (slums), economically weaker section colonies (EWS) etc. or at their work establishments through their employers

Conducting awareness programs – Info-sessions include motivational videos and informative PowerPoint presentations, emphasizing the importance of voting and disseminating the myths associated with registration

Voter registration drives – facilitating filling of relevant forms, collection of documents, passport size photographs etc.


This process can be divided into following four stages;

It is important to ensure that the documents are complete. On many occasion a registered letter is posted to fulfil the requirement of address proof. MVMV team member or the representative from the NGO accompany the applicants to their respective constituency’s ERO office.