My Vote My Voice | Survey through Questionnaire
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Survey through Questionnaire

An extensive survey was conducted across all segments of workers to determine an approximate proportion of workers in the Delhi-NCR area who might be interested in registering as voters at their place of work. Several amendments were made to the questionnaire to ensure that it is maximally accessible and user friendly to a wide range of domestic migrant workers. All possible sources were used to distribute the questionnaire to workers. MVMV reached out to factories, work establishments and their under-served residential areas. The questionnaire consists of simple questions regarding demographics, status of registration, reasons for non-registration, whether they would like to be registered at their place of work etc.

Most respondents filled the Hindi version of the questionnaire.

English Questionnaire

Hindi Questionnaire

The survey helped in segregating the workers into four categories and the outcome is as under :

segregation of voter types
S.No Particulars No. of respondents % of respondents
1. Having no Voter ID – willing to register 156 42
2. Having no Voter ID – not willing to register 48 13
3. Existing voters at native place- willing to change 82 13
4. Existing voters at native place – unwilling to change 86 23
372 100