My Vote My Voice | Testimonials
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Testimonials received from few voters and its translation.


“Dear Noor and Siya, May God Bless! I (Kanchan Devi) met you at Kundli factory, where you have helped me through your social work ‘My Vote My Voice’. I am living in Delhi for last 10 years but it would not have been possible to make Voter ID card without your support. Many – many thanks to you.“

-Kanchan Devi

New Doc 7

“Dear Noor,My name is Madan Murari. I came to Delhi from Bihar in search of a job. I have been living here for last 15 years. met you at the factory where you not only helped me in filling up of the form but also took my passport sized photograph. You will be pleased to know that I have received my Voter ID card, which contains my correct name and address. I sincerely thank you for the same.“Madan Murari

-Madan Murari


“I (Sachin Pandey) am living in Delhi for last 11 years. In spite of my best of efforts, I was not able to get my Voter ID card. Then I came to know about My Vote My Voice through one of my friends. They helped me in getting my Voter ID card. I am really feeling very happy.“

-Sachin Pandey

New Doc 7

“My name is Rangila Devi . I happen to meet you at Kundli factory. I hail from Mughalsarai and have been working in Delhi for 10 years now . I am highly obliged and thankful to you from the core of my heart for getting me a voter id.”

-Rangila Devi